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Model EI-450/450M
220V Class .75 -2.2KW
460V Class .75-7.5KW


AC Inverter Drive is is a mini power saving inverter. It features the most simple AC induction motor controller for the 230V and 460V class. The status indicator LED and display are built in and can show the date value for easy reading. The drive is small, quiet and powerful.

Full range automatic torque boost
Slip Compensation
9 Step speed operation
Restart at momentary power loss
Frequency reference bias/gain adjust
Fault reset
Speed search (spinning motor)
Speed upper/lower limit adjustable
Frequency "Hold" command
DC Injection braking
Accel/Decel control
Ramp hold control
Built in potentiometer
Frequency Reference setting 
Constants copy to HMI 
Auto Torque Boost 
High Start Torque (150%/3Hz)
S Curve Patterns

High speed current limit to prevent over-current
Tripless operation (Momentary power loss restart, stall prevention, fault reset)
In-rush current limited circuit
Ground fault protection

Multi-speed setting (up to 9 steps)
2 Step Accel/decel
2 Step Skip Frequency
Up/Down selection
Jog commands (10th speed)
Full range Auto Torque Boost
Slip Compensation
Stall prevention
Over-torque detection
DC Injection Braking
Remote Speed References
Multifunction I/O terminals
Analog output monitor
NPN or PNP switching 
Built in Digital Operator

(some units)

Using single-phase drive to operate a three phase motor raises the efficiency as on fans or pumps

Changes the motor speed smoothly making the best of your flow to save you money such as on Food Processing Machines

Speed control can be accomplished using only digital inputs to select up to 10 preset speeds

This drive can operate on either 50 or 60 HZ power and can convert 50 HZ power to 60 HZ output or 60HZ power to 50 HZ output